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Hateley Heath Academy

At Hateley Heath, we have been working as a team to develop a curriculum which is broad and balanced and which promotes our values too!

We have been working in curriculum teams as well as individuals to track the progression of the key skills in all subjects to ensure that each subject is seen in each year group.


In each term, we pay attention to 2 of our school values and we link these to the British values too. We feel that these match in with our over arching termly themes of 'Anywhere in the World' (Autumn term), 'We can rule the World' (Spring Term) and ' A Whole New World' (Summer Term).


Although we carry out English and Maths work in their dedicated books, we like to see cross curricular links in our topic books too. We plan for real life Maths lessons in every term and we select a piece of appropriate extended writing for our topic books at least once a half term. This helps us to understand these core areas in great depth.


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