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Hateley Heath Academy


Throughout Early Years, early phonetic awareness is promoted and developed through every day activities and routines such as listening games, shared reading, singing and interactive planning sessions. Children are encouraged to identify familiar letters in their name and hear the sounds they are making, identify familiar words, to listen for sounds and to remember sounds.

In Reception and Key Stage 1 phonics is timetabled to be taught daily in planned sessions based on the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme. Children are taught to segment and blend words and apply their learning for reading decodable and tricky words. A wide range of activities are used by practitioners to help children achieve the goal of fluent word recognition. The school’s phonics programme matches the expectations of the NC and the early learning goals. The school has clear expectations of how children should progress in phonics term by term, from Reception to Year 2. Children are ability grouped in order to maximise individual learning.

Throughout school, children are assessed at the end of each half term and either move on to the next stage or secure skills in the same phase according to the level they have achieved. The phonics tracker promotes high expectations and full coverage of the letters and sounds programme within our termly expectations.

Towards the end of Year 1 all children will take part in the national phonics screening test. They will achieve either a pass or fail. If a child fails the screening test they will retake it in Year 2. The ongoing assessment of children’s phonic progress is sufficiently frequent and detailed to identify any child who is falling behind the programme’s pace. If they do fall behind, targeted support is given immediately. Teachers and teaching assistants provide extra practice through the day for the children who make the slowest progress (the lowest 20%). All children in Year 3 and above read age-appropriate books and phonics interventions are in place to support KS2 children as appropriate

If your child requires support with phonics, please have a look at this video. It would be useful for you and your child to watch so that each sound is said correctly. Children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are taught to say each phoneme as it is said in the video. Children who need additional support further up the school may also find this beneficial.