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Spelling & Handwriting


Aside from our 'basic skills' approach to homework consisting of daily Reading and Timetables, we expect your child to be practising their spellings every night. This way, they will score well on their weekly spelling tests and this will begin to impact on the quality of their writing!


We have attached the spelling appendix from the National Curriculum below so that you can see the expectation of your child at every year and even give your child a bit of a head start if you choose to.


Alongside the spelling patterns for each year group, the spelling appendixes also contain the 'common exception words' from each year group. These words do not follow particular spelling patterns or rules but children are expected to read and write these words from memory.

'Letterjoin' - phonics word cards

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 - Below are some resources, techniques and games that you could use to support your children with their spelling.


Oxford Owl


Top Marks - games


Primary Homework Help