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Child Sexual Exploitation

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse. Children in exploitative situations and relationships receive something such as gifts, money or affection as a result of performing sexual activities or others performing sexual activities on them.

Children or young people maybe tricked into believing they're in a loving, consensual relationship. They might be invited to parties and given drugs and alcohol. They may also be groomed online.


Child sexual abuse online

 When sexual exploitation happens online, young people may be persuaded, or forced, to:

  • send or post sexually explicit images of themselves
  • take part in sexual activities via webcam or smartphone
  • have sexual conversations by text or online

Abusers may threaten to send images, videos or copies of conversations to the young person's friends or family unless they take part in other sexual activity.

Images or videos may continue to be shared long after the sexual abuse has stopped.

Child sexual exploitation in gangs

Sexual Exploitation in is used in gangs to:

  • exert power and control over members
  • initiate young people in to the gang
  • exchange sexual activity for status or protection
  • entrap rival gang members by exploiting girls and young women
  • inflict sexual assault as a weapon in conflict.

Girls and young women are frequently forced in to sexual activity by gang members. The majority of sexual exploitation within gangs is committed by teenage boys and men in their twenties. 

If you're worried about a child, even if you're unsure, contact the professional councellors at the NSPCC helpline 24/7 for help, advice & support.

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